The prize for the 2019 edition of the Australian Open has been released. Everybody expected a slight increase of the total prize, when in fact the money increased by over 10% year-to-year. This is a big increase, which places the Aussie Open right after the richest Grand Slam ever, the US Open.

What is the prize money for Australian Open 2019?

The total prize money for the Australian Open 2019 is $62,500,000 AUD (Australian Dollars).
Singles winner takes home $4,100,000 AUD.
Doubles winners get $750,000 AUD per team.
Mixed doubles winner get $185,000 AUD per team.

The biggest increase in prize money has been done for the small players, playing in the qualifiers. For example, in 2018, a player who lost in the R1 of the qualifiers was taking home AUD$7,500. In 2019, the same player will earn AUD$15,000, which is double the sum from last year.

In fact, Australian Open CEO Craig Tiley said that the biggest increase in prize money is directed to qualifiers and first rounds, in order to give a sustainable career path for young players.

Tiley also declared the doubles players received a significant increase in prize money, compared to 2018.

From the point of view of a qualifier, AUD$15,000 can easily cover the transportation and accommodation costs and even make a small profit.

Below is a breakdown of the total prize money (which is AUD$ 62,500,000). Remember that all figures are in Australian Dollars (AUD). The average exchange rate for AUD$1 is US$0,70. If you are wondering why the doubles jump from Round 3 to Quarterfinals, is because of the small draw (in mixed doubles is even smaller).

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When we look at the historical figures, we can see that the prize money increased by 159% since 2011, or more recent, increased by AUD$22.5 million since 2015.

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